Part 2: Visual Metaphor

Exercise details From the choice of different phrases available for this metaphor exercise I chose, “Broken Relationship.” I chose this because I thought it seemed quite a difficult one to do, and I wanted to challenge myself. Looking at Visual Metaphor Artwork There are a huge number of examples of Visual Metaphor which can be

Part 2: Choosing Content

The purpose of this exercise is to explore – and reflect upon – a textual piece, and to go through a process deciding the content to illustrate it. Initial questions: • If this were to be made into a film what would the main character be like? The main character would be ruthless and determined

Part 2: A Subjective Drawing

Final drawing:  Exercise details: This exercise involves creating a subjective drawing of a chosen object.  In the previous pages of the handbook, subjective (drawing) was defined as being, “based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes or opinions.” The object I would really like to draw for this exercise is not an inanimate object at

Part 2: An objective drawing

The purpose of this assignment is to create an “objective drawing”, i.e. one that is descriptive and is not influenced by personal feelings, opinions, and subjective elements. The object that I’ve chosen to draw is a pair of trousers. Or more specifically, in my case, an old pair of blue jeans.  Out of the objects